Community Mapping

Community Profile

Your community profile will provide a summary of the core demographic trends around you, including the raw data on population, economic, housing, and relational trends. It will also include a household and psychographic profile, which offers a surprisingly detailed look into the preferences and habits of your community. The tapestry segmentation explains religious, political, and spending habits by neighborhood and density. You can discover far more than you probably wish were accessible, from the percentage of people who don?t attend church to how many spent a night at a Marriott hotel in the past year. You can see an example of community mapping here.

Detailed Sector Analysis & Layered Maps

Good maps tell the right stories. It?s helpful to know there are 823 single mothers living below the poverty line in your community, but it?s more helpful to see them clustered in two primary census blocks a half-mile apart from each other. In addition to the community profile, the sector analysis and layered maps will provide an introductory analysis of 5 key sectors of your community: health, education, housing, economic development, and child welfare. It will answer questions such as:
What?s the crime index in your neighborhoods? How does your community rank in STD?s, overdose deaths, childhood opportunity index, teen births, high school graduation rates? Is there adequate access to mental health care? Early childhood education?
It will also provide a detailed map of your local neighborhoods by socio-economic and cultural composition.

Customized Mapping

Once you have a good view of your community, a customized analysis can provide valuable insight into areas requiring greater nuance and detail. Customized mapping is project-based data-analysis and visualization. We will begin with a phone consultation to identify the research questions and objectives. Once the data has been aggregated, we will create customized maps, apps, and other visualizations.

Community Map Sample

Community Map Sample

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