Gap Analysis

One of our primary goals with City Flourish is to help churches know their communities inside and out. We offer a Community Gap Analysis to help you identify assets and needs in areas like child welfare, health, education, housing, economic development. We call the service a “community” gap analysis because the work assumes a social-ecological model of community health and is highly contextualized based on theories of change, availability of reliable data, and unique factors like experiences and questions that can shape the perception of “gaps.”

Any part of the following process can be utilized independent of others and customized where necessary.

Step 1) DOORS Asset Assessment.

We start with strengths and assets at the individual and household level. Our qualitative assessment sheds light on a group’s potential for collective impact by drawing to the surface assets and inspirations that are easy to overlook or minimize. Domains of knowledge, capacity for hospitality, and redemptive experiences are then indexed as a group and can be used for collective discernment.

Step 2) Community Asset Assessment.

Our Community Asset Assessment begins with a layered asset map that can include area churches, agencies, non-profits, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, daycare centers, parks, and bus routes. We will utilize secondary data sources initially and then supplement and check reliability with primary data collection. The primary data collection process is more than a means to an end. It provides valuable connections with community members and helps individuals put names and faces to issues and statistics.

Step 3) Community Needs Assessment.

Our Community Needs Assessment follows a similar process to the asset assessment. We begin with a quantitative analysis and then supplement the data, where necessary, with a qualitative assessment. Surveys and focus groups are highly valuable and we can help provide tools and consultation to make qualitative assessments more affordable and efficient.


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