Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

How do you move from anecdotal evidence to truly meaningful and reliable insights? Our Impact Assessment was designed to help you move from large-group summaries to the granular level of details and from descriptive to predictive analytics. For example, how do you identify the differences in perceptions and practices among the Millenials and Boomers in the church? Why is one group far more engaged in service than others? What are the biggest trends you see the longer people attend the church?

Our Impact Assessment begins with a short, Likert-scale survey that can be administered on tablets, phones, websites, or paper. It is designed as an annual survey that will provide time-series analysis beginning in year two.

The key difference between the Impact Assessment and other survey instruments is in the analysis of the data. We also provide a web-based interactive dashboard that will allow you to select attributes to filter responses and run comparisons.


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