Impact Assessment

How do you measure life change? Our Impact Assessment is designed to help you move from anecdotal evidence to truly meaningful and reliable insights in your measurements. We offer a core assessment tool and can also customize descriptive and predictive research solutions to identify trends, evaluate strategies against counterfactuals, and recognize indicators most likely to yield the greatest impact in your work.

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Neighborhood Assessment

Create maps with customized geographies, community profiles, household demographics and maps of group members for each designated area.


Gap Analysis

How do community assets compare to pressing needs in areas like child welfare, health, education, housing, and economic development? Our Community Gap Analysis offers the most up-to-date and local data on sector-specific assets and needs, consultation on best practices, and assistance with primary data collection, analysis, and visualization.


Program Evaluation

Program evaluations are meant to answer the question, "How is our work doing?" When the primary motivation is to learn and adapt where necessary, good evaluations are invaluable feedback mechanisms.


Story Mapping

Use data to tell the right story with a collection of interactive maps and graphs, videos, embedded websites, and text.


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