Vital Impact Assessment


Measure what matters.

The Vital Impact Assessment was designed to help churches measure their impact with great specificity.

Where VIA is different

The Vital Impact Assessment is different from traditional church surveys in four ways:

  1. ScopeĀ of questions
  2. Depth of analysis
  3. Potential for customization
  4. Community mapping

VIA’s church survey explores respondents personal health, quality of relationships, spiritual formation practices, and perceptions of the church. You can also add questions to your survey. Once the survey is completed, we conduct a detailed descriptive and predictive analysis of the data and share the results in two primary ways: a church summary and an interactive dashboard.

The relationship between questions is often more helpful than the questions themselves. For example, it’s helpful to know that 31% of the church engages in some form of ministry beyond volunteering at church services, but it would be more helpful to know what these people share in common. How do spiritual formation habits vary by age group or length of time at the church? Do people become more generous or compassionate the longer (or more frequent) they attend services or small groups? Our dashboard provides a filter function that allows you to compare and contrast survey variables without compromising respondents anonymity.

VIA also provides community mapping and church-community comparisons.

Churches can know their communities inside and out and the Vital Impact Assessment was designed to help churches measure life change with truly meaningful and reliable insights, both in the church and in the community you’re called to reach.


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